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   Links to other HELP on this site:
  * 10 steps to form a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation in CT
  * Compliance list for CT 501(c)(3)s
  * Excess Benefit rules, with checklist
  * User-friendly version, with checklist
  * Guide to indemnification and liability issues
  * Know Your Fractions:  The Public Support Test

Sites and resources of interest (updated 11/14/16)

This page is provided as a resource to the general public and to nonprofit organizations, especially Connecticut organizations.  It is intended to be concise and easy to use, rather than comprehensive.  Use at your own risk.  Please help me keep it useful by reporting any bad links and suggesting additions:  email to davis@sharinglaw.net.
Forms and
Government Sites
Finding Information
about Nonprofits
  • IF YOUR ORGANIZATION HAS LESS THAN $50,000/support annually (and is not a church), remember to file your 990N every year -- click on this link. (If your organization has more support than this, and is not a church, it will have to file 990EZ or 990 - duh.)
  • IF YOUR ORGANIZATION FORGOT and has lost its exemption, READ REV. PROC. 2014-11 online or in PDF and hurry! Easier to get reinstated if you do it within 15 months of revocation.
  • IF YOUR ORGANIZATION WAS FORMED (INCORPORATED) ALMOST 27 MONTHS AGO, HURRY UP AND FILE FORM 1023 (or the new 1023EZ) AND READ REV. PROC 2013-9 SECTION 11 -- you MUST FILE 990N, 990EZ or 990 even before you get approved as exempt under 501c3.  Be careful however -- if your exemption is retroactive and you haven't filed the requisite 990N/990EZ/990 for 3+ years you might also lose it it immediately.... this gets complex.
Forms and Government Sites:
General Resources
  • Charitableregistry.com - a commercial site that offers flat-fee charitable solicitation registration in all states that require registrationU
  • Used to be that Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest had great sources of information on lobbying, but the Center was absorbed by National Center for Nonprofits in 2012 and the website is, IMHO, worthless on this issue.  Looks like a mobile-friendly newsfeed.  Instead, use the wayback machine to find the old CLPI website from December, 2014.  Not all sub-links may work.  Familiarize yourself with https://archives.org to find the others!  Also use the site of Alliance for Justice, both great sources of information on the limits of lobbying for nonprofits.  See the CLPI letter from the IRS about grants to organizations that lobby.
  • Council on Foundations - primarily a resource for grant-making foundations
  • The Nonprofit FAQ -- series of articles on issues affecting nonprofits, now a project of the National Center for Charitable Statistics at The Urban Institute in Washington, DC.
  • Nonprofit Law Prof Blog - what it sounds like.  Editors David K. Brennan and Darryll K. Jones with numerous contributors.
  • Pro Bono Partnership Publications and FAQs - A host of articles on different topics offered by the Pro Bono Partnership (see below)
  • Fiscal Sponsor Directory - directory of fiscal sponsors hosted by San Francisco Study Center (publisher of Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right) - a/k/a how to get grants if you are NOT a separate nonprofit OR if you are awaiting recognition of nonprofit status
Connecticut Sources for Non-Financial Help
  • The Pro Bono Partnership offers general free legal help in NJ, NY and CT to "(i) nonprofit, community-service organizations whose primary purpose is to operate ongoing programs or activities that benefit low-income communities or that otherwise serve the public interest and are (ii) unable to pay for legal services without significant impairment of program resources."  You can also subscribe to a useful newsletter.
  • Contact the state's county bar associations to seek pro bono assistance (free legal help for those unable to pay); the Connecticut Bar Association no longer has a statewide program but provides links with phone numbers to participating organizations.
  • Community Accounting Aid & Services, Inc. (CAAS) - pro bono arm of the Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants, CAAS will provide accounting assistance to qualified nonprofits ($100,000 annual income is the ceiling)
  • Connecticut Association of Nonprofits
Finding Funding (Just to Get Started!!) Information about Nonprofits, including Tax-Exempt Status
  • IRS Exempt Organizations Search (IRS searchable version of Publication 78 - much improved)
  • Guidestar - provides information from Form 990 - you have to "register" but it is free
  • Secretary of the State Corporation Information Search called "CONCORD" (it's ok that it says "business") (use * as a wild card when searching a tricky name)
  • Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance site -- Give.org - reports on nationally soliciting charities and rates them on compliance with voluntary "standards for charity accountability." 
  • Look up a CT charity's filing status with the Public Charities Unit online at elicense.ct.gov.  Doesn't mean the charity still exists, though!  For that you need CONCORD, and as for exempt status, the IRS.

  • Note:  an exempt organization can call the IRS Cincinnati office at 877-829-5500 (toll free) M-F, 8-5, with its name and EIN, and the IRS will check its database and prepare a new letter and fax it to the organization on the same day, with hard copy to follow by mail.
Discussion Groups/Mailing Lists DISCLAIMER:
THIS INFORMATION IS NOT PROVIDED AS  LEGAL ADVICE AND CREATES NO ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP.  NO ENDORSEMENT IS INTENDED BY ANY REFERENCES HEREIN.  PLEASE CONSULT YOUR OWN LEGAL AND FINANCIAL ADVISORS BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION.   In compliance with regulations issued by the Internal Revenue Service, please be advised that nothing on this page was written to be used or may be used by any person to avoid any penalties under the Internal Revenue Code.

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