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I am a commuter.  My drive to and from New Haven is an oasis of music.  Over the years I've made many musical journeys.  This site was born of a friendship that was itself born out of a shared love of music.  The events of my life (and no doubt the lives of other late "boomers") come with a remembered soundtrack.  Music is as good a reason for living as any -- come what may there will always be more music to discover and to be created.  

Those who listen to music tend also to make lists.  What ten albums would you bring to a desert island? What favorite male vocalist?  symphony? This is not unlike the business of organizing one's collection of recordings.  Does one group by type, by artist, by composer?  Does this-or-that favorite have a special place on the shelf?  The process is unending, because the subject matter is infinite.  

Here are today's lists.  I present them to any like-minded souls.  Click on the links for more.  SEND SUGGESTIONS!  

What's on the ipod lately:

In addition to what is listed below, these days (2012) I'm into French Canadian (Quebecois) music of various kinds, because my son is at school in Montreal.  So:  LOTS of Vincent Vallieres, Lisa LeBlanc (rock), among  others, and Le Vent du Nord (folk) . Or what I can find on Youtube!  PLUS anything below intermixed with some Motown and a lot of  Coldplay. 

Voices, Poets (the trinity):

Silvio Rodriguez  (a new discovery to me and a new passion -- an epiphany!  I am working to get songs translated so they can be more easily shared with an English-only speaking audience.  Although Spanish is so beautiful!).  The link is to the official website -- there is a whole webring of websites.  We are talking the equivalent of Bob Dylan in the Spanish-speaking world.  Packed 80,000 seat stadiums for multiple shows.  Etc.  Actually (6/2010) more like John Lennon and Paul McCartney rolled into a single individual.

  • The entire album Mariposas - every note
  • Much of Rodriguez and Silvio
  • "Ojalá" (of course)
  • The list is really ENDLESS.......... expect another page soon. 

Gilles Servat  (French/Breton singer-songwriter)  I was fortunate to attend a very intimate concert in Paris in March 2005, truly an unforgettable experience.  Special favorite songs, to name a few:

  • "Je vous emporte dans mon coeur"
  • "Les moulins de Guérande"
Richard Shindell  (singer-songwriter from Long Island now living in Argentina).  (AND, he also loves Silvio and has covered one of his songs).  Special favorite songs, to name a few:
  • "Sea of Fleur-de-Lys"
  • "Tune for Nowhere" (that would be the theme of this website; Richard has graciously authorized me to include it HERE -- please buy it but here's a copy to try)
  • "Abuelita"

And not to forget key albums like Al Stewart 's Modern Times and James Taylor's memorized Mud Slide Slim.
Nor can one forget large chunks of Richard Thompson.  But not everything.

Guitarists (and other acoustic instrumentals)

  • Martin Simpson (specially presented to you here by his biggest fan and creator of this site, Chris Read) - especially Leaves of Life
  • Silvio Rodriguez (especially Mariposas)
  • Richard Shindell's guitar-work can't be forgotten here (check out  "Shades of Grey" on the "Cry, Cry, Cry" album - or "Nora").  
  • Jacques Stotzem (Two Bridges)
  • Kim Robertson (Celtic Christmas)  Celtic harp (my children have listened to Celtic Christmas EVERY NIGHT for 12 years)
  • Robin Bullock (cittern etc.)
  • Chris Smither - see below!
  • Inkuyo - music of the Andes -- best pan flutes ever


Noisier Stuff, mostly Groups

  • Planxty the incomparable
  • Blowzabella - wonderful "whirling" music, lots of hurdy-gurdy
  • Tri Yann (Breton; the more recent albums are noisier - my favorites are the older, trad. stuff like La Découverte ou L'Ignorance)
  • Oysterband  (esp. Holy Bandits)
  • old-timers:  how about Silly Wizard
  • Maná (Mexican rock group) - start with Unplugged
  • Los Enanitos Verdes (Argentinian) - Amores lejanos  y Guerra Gaucha - very different stuff
  • Manu Chao (how often do you get English, French, and Spanish in one CD, not to mention a little Russian?  for those of us who are susceptible to foreign languages)
  • Idir (Algerian) - the album Identités

Newer music -- 90s+:
  • Green Day (amazing); Keane's 1st 2 albums; Coldplay
  • Collective Soul
  • Del Amitri
  • John Mellencamp (favorite being Human Wheels)
Groups of old (or obvious choices!)
  • The Who
  • The Kinks
  • Bruce Springsteen (belongs in the "poets" category)
  • Tom Petty
  • Pink Floyd (some)

Miscellaneous Artists, usually quieter, very important in my life

  • Jethro Tull - albums:  Thick as a Brick, Songs from teh Wood, Heavy Horses, Aqualung
  • The albums of the group Renaissance and their predecessor, Illusion, especially Out of the Mist
  • Every single note (almost) of Simon & Garfunkel
  • Certain songs of Dar Williams (e.g. "February")
  • Al Stewart - especially prior to 1978 (Orange; Bedsitter Images etc.)
  • Cat Stevens (way back when)
  • Fairport Convention  Liege and Leif, Unhalfbricking, and probably lots of other stuff with Sandy Denny
  • October Project
  • Bob Dylan, "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"
  • Kate Rusby, "Wild Goose" and "Bold Riley"...
  • 2010:  some of French artist Saez

"Classical" favorites (in defense of my unoriginal taste here, I fear I am not musical enough to get too far without words)

  • Beethoven (especially the 7th symphony; the "Moonlight")
  • Schubert
  • Praetorius and other "early" music
  • the better Bach
  • Mozart
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • CHOPIN, how obvious of me, the Preludes
  • In general:  piano music &c rather than lush symphonies
  • In general:  anything my son Luke wants to play -- Chopin, Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks, the "Office" theme!



  • John Lee Hooker
  • Eric Clapton


And in the right mood, MUCH noisier stuff:

  • AC/DC
  • Motorhead
  • Aerosmith
  • Metallica
  • Black Sabbath
  • Blue Öyster Cult
(memories here of the old New Haven Coliseum in the '80's)