Martin Simpson (written by Chris Read)

An immoderately talented acoustic guitarist. 

A recent quote opined: 'To call Martin Simpson a folk guitarist is rather like calling the Yangtze a river.  True, but completely misses the point' 

Originally from England, he turned professional at age 17 and proceeded to dazzle all and sundry with his command of  folk and blues styles. Not only is he a consummate soloist, he is also one of the most talented accompanists - his work with June Tabor in the 70's and 80's must be a high-water mark of  English roots music.

More recently, he moved to the US and is now based in Santa Cruz, but still tours world-wide while continuing to produce wonderful records.  To hear him at his best, try to catch him solo and live.  But failing that, he has built up a back catalogue of wonderful recordings -
Cool & Unusual  Red House RHR CD 110 (1997)
Live at the Holywell Music Room, Oxford Red House RHR CD 106 (recorded 1994)
Smoke & Mirrors [mostly blues] Thunderbird TBE 5001 (1995)
Red Roses (with Jessica Ruby Simpson)  Thunderbird TBE 4001 (1994)
The Collection  Shanachie 79089 (1994)
A Closer Walk With Thee Gourd GM 117 (1993)
When I Was On Horseback [trad.]  Shanachie 97016 (1991)
Leaves of Life [trad.] Shanachie 97008 (1989)
True Dare or Promise (with Jessica Ruby Simpson)  Topic 12TS 446 (1987)
The Pink Suede Bootleg  LTD ED Cassette (1987)
Nobody's Fault But Mine  Dambuster DAM 013 (1986)
Sad Or High Kicking  Topic 12TS 438 (1985)
Grinning In Your Face Topic 12TS 430 (1983)
Special Agent [esp. blues] Waterfront 008 (1981)
Golden Vanity  Trailer LER 2099 (1976)
Til The Beast's Returning Andrew Cronshaw  Topic 12TS 447 (1988)
Aqaba -  June Tabor Topic 12TS (1988)
Burnt Feathers - Anonyma  Fellside FE059 (1986)
The Great Dark Water -  Andrew CronsAhaw Waterfront WF 009 (1983)
Abyssinians - June Tabor  Topic 12TS (1983)
Lark Rise to Candleford -  The Albion Band Charisma CDS 4020 (1980)
A Cut Above  - June Tabor  Topic 12TS 410 (1980)
Wade in the Flood - Andrew Cronshaw Trailer LTRA 508 (1978)
Earthed in Cloud Valley - Andrew Cronshaw Trailer LER 2104 (1977)